Wednesday, April 04, 2007

tea date


JL said...

Excellent as always. In the back i can read that there was a batle betewen portuguese and french ships at the Guanabara bay... very curious that gravure.
Thank´s for your work.

Kristina said...

Great pages lady!

Anonymous said...

hey j. i did get to see this little show at type. it was neat huh?
the artist didn't do too badly on selling those prints either! impressive! lets make art/make show/make dollar!
see you thursdy.phil

David said...

Hey Jamie, I've been using your blog for inspiration ever since i started university back in September 2006, and as a young graphic designer, i must say it blows me away. Thanks for keeping me inspired!

jaime said...

phil: yes, we need an art-making day soon!

david: wow-ee! thanks for the compliments! it's really encouraging.

Eduardo P.L. said...

Bravo! Bravo!


christine said...

that was a great day.

jaime. look how famous you are.

love you!